Converging Design and Technology

At DAVIS we utilize a variety of new technologies both with the latest hardware and advanced software to enhance our workflows. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D Printing are some of the exciting technologies that we employ daily to bring life to our designs.

Below you will see a few real world examples of how we use these emerging technologies.

Interior Design with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality brings our design to life right before the client's eyes. The “question marks” turn into “exclamation points.” Walk throughs allow the client to explore the space the way they would want if it were built capturing a sense of real time light, scale, composition, and form.

As a designer we are using the tool to see a vantage point you may not grasp from a computer or physical model. Real time light patterns, the scale of the space, and the overall feel of being immersed in the design allow for us to make more informed design decisions. The connections and details that may be missed otherwise, can be solved before running into them out in the field, saving time and money upfront.
Amy Dooley
DAVIS, Senior Interior Designer

Experience the Design with a Real-World Scale

DAVIS’ application of virtual reality brought my project, RendezVous Urban Flats, to life. It allows us to literally jump inside the phenomenal Richard Drinkwater design and makes Holly Dezinski’s interiors come alive. The ability to walk into the lobby and then through each fully furnished unit allows potential clients and investors to see the finished product in a way words cannot describe. From the balcony, you see the actual view you will have every night from your new unit. When you step outside the building, where you can see everything from the ground level, it places the entire project in context. One is no longer limited by their ability to visualize internally. The finished product is right there before your eyes. Simply, put on the goggles and allow your life to be changed. You will never again do a project without utilizing this technology.

Scott Rathbun
Aerie Development

Real-time rendering WHILE we design

Combining the latest rendering software with some powerful hardware, our designers are able to see in real-time how each design decision looks and feels in a realistic environment. This enhanced workflow allows for a finished product that more accurately represents our client's and designer's visions.

Hit "Play" below to see this process in action!

Augmented Reality

Scan our project postcards to see how they are enhanced with AR technology.

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Our 3D Printer in action

3D Print of a DAVIS designed building.

Take a Virtual Tour

Click the image below to take a 360 degree tour of Marina Heights in Tempe, AZ.